In this fandom, there are several main characters, with several different plotlines to be expected.

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  • Spearmint Charge:

Spearmint Charge is a male Unicorn who is one of the main characters. He is a pale green with a white and green striped mane, along with a mint cutie mark. He has a more bulky frame than other Unicorns, which allows him to tote and pull his loads of candy to other towns to sell. He usually has a relaxed demeanor, and isn't too fond of communicating with other ponies. He sees the task as a great annoyance, especially when that pony is Soda Fizz.

  • Soda Fizz

Soda Fizz is a pale orange pegasus, with ruffled hair and a lanky, thin appearance. He makes soda for a living, along with flat juices, and ocasionally yogurt. He has a loud, bold attitude to the point of being rude and annoying, and isn't afraid to announce his opinion. He often gets into fights with others thanks to his rudeness, and is very strict about who buys his products. He speaks with a mild Brooklyn/New York accent.