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Welcome to the Beyond Everfree Wiki

Far beyond Equestria, past The Everfree Forest, lies a land of prosperity and magic. Or so it seems.

This Wiki is here to announce and explain things about the upcoming comic, fanfiction, places and characters. 


Far past Ponyville, Equestria, and the lives of the Mane Six lies an almost entirely different world. This world is on the opposite side of The Everfree Forest. Neither one of the two places knows about each other's existence, and it's most likely going to stay that way.

Our story follows a young colt, just getting out on his own. Shakily starting his own life and candy business, he begins taking his specialty candy--his talent--to a nearby town to sell it periodically. Unknowing to him, his next-door neighbor (no pun intended) is one of his childhood enemies, Soda Fizz, who happens to be another colt his age.

Soda Fizz, as his name implies, has a talent for making different sodas. 

While both treat-making colts are sparring in attempt to get the better customer traffic, they are completely unaware that something much darker is happening in the land.

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